Field of wildflowers next to arable farm land

The Sustainable Farming Incentive

Launched in June 2022 the Sustainable Farming Incentive will reward farmers for moving towards more sustainable practices. See how this could impact your farm insurance.

arable farm insurance

Are You Underinsured for the Rising Cost of Rapeseed?

The recent rise in the cost of rapeseed may mean that you are underinsured on your current arable farm insurance policy.

Insuring for the Rising Costs of Farm Businesses

With the general inflation rate increasing rapidly, and the cost of farm inputs rising even faster, insurance for farming businesses is more important than ever.

agricultural building insurance

Farm Buildings Sums Insured and Inflation

Rising inflation is a huge cause of concern for farmers across the UK. Find out how inflation and the rising price of materials impact sums insured for farm buildings.

Protecting Your Agricultural Vehicles from GPS Theft

The theft of GPS equipment in combine harvesters and tractors has been a major area of concern for farmers for several years.

farm diversification

Insurance for Farm Diversification on Estates

At Farm and General, we offer specialist insurance solutions for diversified farms and estates, covering a variety of commercial activities.

rebuild costs

The Concerns Around Farm Underinsurance

The rate of inflation in the UK has recently risen steeply to 4.1%. Now is an important time to verify whether your property is insured for the correct rebuild values, should the worst happen.

Specialist Insurance for Larger Estates

Larger estates often require specialist insurance to appropriately cover aspects such as fine art, historic buildings or combined vehicle insurance.

Reduce the Risk of Fire Water Run-off

Water used to tackle a fire can cause significant damage to the surrounding environment. Find out about how to protect yourself against such an incident.

Cows in road - public liability insurance for farmers

Employers' vs Public Liability Insurance for Farmers

There's an important distinction between employers' and public liability insurance that many farmers often get confused. Learn about this difference and each type of insurance in more detail.

farm contracting insurance

Top Insurance Considerations for Farmers and Contractors

Learn about vital insurance policies for farmers and contractors, as well as considerations when choosing the right provider and diversifying their farming business.

Cyber liability insurance

Working from Home in the Farming Industry

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many to work from home, the number of ransom attacks on farms has risen. See how F&G's cyber liability insurance policy can protect your farm from cyber criminals.

Farm fraud scams

3 Types of Farm Fraud Scams and How to Spot Them

Learn about the 3 most common types of farm fraud scams encountered by farmers and how to spot them before it's too late.

LOLER and PER inspection services

Prepare your Farm for LOLER and PER Inspection

The law states that items falling into the LOLER and PER categories must undergo periodic statutory safety inspections. Keep your farm suitably protected with Farm & General Inspection Services.

Burnt farm storage

Are Your Farm Assets Properly Protected?

Ensure that your farm, smallholding, and assets are properly protected with specialist farm insurance.

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Insurance Consultants You Can Rely On

You're in safe hands with Farm & General. Discover how we ensure that you receive the first-class service you deserve.

agricultural tractor insurance online

How to use Farm Machinery Safely

Discover the appropriate precautions necessary to ensure your safety when handling farm machinery.

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10 Facts About Our Online Farm Vehicle Insurance

All you need to know about our online agricultural vehicle insurance - instantly obtain quotes & purchase cover online.