Land Based Underwriters

LBU was formed by a group of insurance professionals to meet the needs of businesses following major changes to legislation for environmental impairment.

Land Based Underwriters

LBU is recognised as the leading supplier of environmental liability insurance cover and provides a unique quote and bind web-based service.

LBUEIL Insurance

In 2009, new laws came into effect which changed the landscape of environmental liability insurance. Land Based Underwriters (LBU) was created to work with insurers to provide environmental insurance to brokers for their policy holders. Now widely recognised as the leading supplier of environmental insurance, LBU offers exceptional policies through a quote and bind web-based service. Over the years, LBU is proud to have built a strong reputation to provide brokers with advice and guidance to be cascaded to their clients through the new risks faced. Every business now faces risk of prosecution should they cause damage to the environment. 

The LBU stand-alone environmental liability insurance policy is specifically designed to cover the widest possible range of environmental liabilities such as: 

  • Statutory or regulatory liabilities - including tort liabilities 
  • Liability arising from gradual pollution as well as sudden and unforeseen pollution 
  • Liabilities of the insured for own property clean-up costs as well as off-site clean-up-costs
  • Environmental liabilities during transit
  • Investigation, complementary and compulsory remediation costs
  • Non-pollutant related environmental damage (e.g. damage caused by fire or flood)
  • Remedial action made prior to formal regulatory claim and before legal liability is officially established
  • Historical liability by agreement

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