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Are Your Farm Assets Properly Protected?

Ensure that your farm, smallholding, and assets are properly protected with specialist farm insurance.

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Insurance Consultants You Can Rely On

You're in safe hands with Farm & General. Discover how we ensure that you receive the first-class service you deserve.

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Using Farm Machinery Safely

Discover the appropriate precautions necessary to ensure your safety when handling farm machinery.

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10 Facts About Our Online Farm Vehicle Insurance

All you need to know about our online agricultural vehicle insurance - instantly obtain quotes & purchase cover online.

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Mental Health Awareness for Farmers

Raise awareness on mental health and learn 5 important facts you need to know and look out for in order.

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New Online Agricultural Vehicle Insurance

With F&G, you can instantly receive quotes and purchase cover for your agricultural vehicles, directly from our website.

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Staying Safe and Looking after Number One

Farmers are totally reliant on their own good health to keep the farm running but did you know you can insure against this?

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To Inspect or Not To Inspect?

Brushed up on your Lifting Equipment Regulations? Speak to our farm insurance specialists to find out if you're covered.

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A Guide to Smallholding Insurance

Find out why specialist smallholding insurance is essential for your farm and business.

Illegal waste dumping

Illegal waste dumping leads to huge clean up costs

Protect your farm or smallholding from Illegal waste dumping, the latest scam from organised criminal gangs coming our way.

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Cybercrime – a worrying new risk for farmers

Cybercrime is a new and worrying new risk for farmers and businesses as we become more and more reliant upon technology.

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Don't forget to order your Green Card

If the UK leaves the EU without an agreed withdrawal deal, motor policyholders may be required to carry a Green Card.