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In more recent years, the theft of vehicles has been on the rise, affecting various communities but particularly farmers and the agricultural community. One of the most coveted farm vehicles for theft is Land Rovers and Ranger Rovers. The statistics surrounding thefts need to be highlighted for owners to take proactive measures to help protect their vehicles. Farm and General delve into the significance of Land Rovers in the farming industry, the implications of theft and the importance of ensuring your assets are safeguarded.

Land Rovers in the Farming Community

Land Rovers are an integral part of farming operations and have become a common sight on farms due to their versatility. With their ability to travel across challenging terrains, tow trailers and equipment, and carry out various other tasks, it makes them ideal for agricultural work. Land Rover Defenders in particular have become known as sturdy and reliable workhorses of the farming industry. Most farmers however employ older models of this vehicle which unsurprisingly, lack modern security systems. 

Rising Statistics

According to Aviva, Land Rovers make up around 5% of the total number of commercial vehicles insured by them. They represented nearly 40% of the total vehicle theft claims costs in 2022. These figures really highlight and emphasise the desirability of Land Rovers and stress the urgent requirement for enhanced security measures. Land Rovers are without a doubt, hot property.

Insurance Industry Response

As a result of the rising thefts in relation to Land Rovers, insurance providers are taking additional steps to mitigate their costs and encourage better security practices among owners. Aviva for instance, has decided that all Land Rovers with a market value in excess of £25,000 would be subject to a theft excess which would be calculated at 5% of the vehicle's value at the time of loss. This measure in particular aims to incentivise Land Rover owners to invest in effective security to help deter potential thieves.

Rising Importance of Farm Insurance

Farm insurance plays a highly critical role in protecting agricultural assets of all varieties but particularly in this instance, agricultural vehicles. When selecting your farm insurance policy, it is essential to consider coverage options that are tailored to your own unique requirements. It is also imperative to understand the level of coverage provided for theft and any associated excesses. Keeping up to date on any policy wordings, and regularly reviewing coverage in relation to the current value of your vehicle is an essential step to ensure adequate protection.

Enhance Your Security Measures

Whilst Farm insurance is vital, also taking proactive steps to enhance the security of your Land Rover can significantly contribute towards the reduction of the risk of theft. Here are some security measures that could help:

  • Install an immobiliser or a GPS tracking system.
  • Park your vehicle in a well-locked garage or secure compound.
  • Upgrade any locks and alarms such as wheel clamps or any audible alarm.
  • Employ visible deterrents such as wheel locks and signage indicating the presence of a security system.
  • Stay connected with neighbouring farmers to share information about any suspicious activity.

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Land Rovers are a valuable asset for farmers and within the agricultural industry, but their desirability poses a significant risk as a target for thieves. As thefts continue to rise, insurance providers are implementing additional measures to mitigate costs, emphasising the importance of safeguarding Land Rovers. Get in touch or request an agricultural vehicle quote today to see how Farm and General can help you to protect your assets.