Farm Motor and Fleet Motor 

Our Farm Motor insurance and Fleet policies automatically include all attachments such as muck spreaders, trailers and balers, without needing to list them as a separate item - eliminating the necessity to inform us when a new attachment is purchased. No additional premium is charged for this automatic extension - and your attachment is even insured when not attached to your vehicle.

We are also able to add young drivers (drivers under 25 years old) to most vehicles, subject to the vehicle's insurance group restrictions, at extremely competitive prices.

Policies are fleet rated, so all vehicles benefit form the same level of discount, regardless of any claims against a particular vehicle.

If you have a fleet of solely agricultural vehicles you can instantly obtain a quote and purchase cover using our new online service* - find out more here or use the link below to obtain a quote straightaway. 

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* does not extend to Northern Ireland

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Agricultural Vehicles

We cover any type of agricultural vehicle or self-propelled vehicle used for farming, forestry, or agricultural contracting, including trailers, agricultural implements or machines.

Single and Vintage Tractors

When farming is your livelihood a tractor is a vital business tool. Our specialist farm vehicle policies are tailor made to meet your requirements, new or old!

Commercial Vehicles

Our agricultural fleet policies provide cover for vehicles used for commercial purposes, including cars used in connection with a business, goods-carrying vehicles and special types.