Farming today has changed...

Whether you’re an estate, dairy, beef, sheep, poultry, or cereal farmer, the chances are you'll be seeking to maximise every business opportunity. For example, letting agricultural buildings, providing stables for livery, holding events or providing accommodation to paying guests. You may even be producing your own products for sale or have a golf course or visitor attraction on your land. 

One thing you can be sure of, you need an insurance policy that understands farming today and indeed, where farming is going tomorrow.

As farm insurance specialists with access to the country's leading agricultural insurers, and a wealth of experience and knowledge in both farming and insurance, you can be sure that we have the right insurance cover for you.


Britain’s arable farmers have embraced many changes over the years resulting in increased yields in crop productivity.  At Farm and General we have the expertise to meet your changing needs.

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Pastoral farming forms a large part of the UK farming industry, and our clients include cattle, sheep, pig, poultry farmers and fisheries, incorporating bi-products sold and other allied activities. 

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Farm Contracting

We look after farm contractors who's services include general land or field-based operations, specialist ground crop spraying, livestock work, slurry injection and paddock maintenance.

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Fruit and Horticulture

Whether you're a grower or commercial retailer, we have teamed up with the largest insurers who specialise in providing the right insurance for your business.

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Farm Diversification

As farmers look for more ways to boost their income, we have been asked to insure everything from brewing, care farming, wedding venues, forestry, pet boarding, artisan crafts and food products. 

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