Insurance for Farm Vehicles at Ploughing Matches and Farming Events

Farming events, including ploughing matches and shoot days, often rely on the goodwill of farmers who offer tractor and trailer rides to attendees. It is important to be aware of the insurance implications of offering these services or favours. Farm & General discusses the key elements to consider, to ensure you have peace of mind should you be assisting in any upcoming events. 

Farm Insurance that Protects Participants  

Any event insurance coverage must include liability insurance as a basic element. It covers any claims for physical harm or property damage that can result from mishaps at the event. This includes incidents involving tractors, agricultural machinery, or even livestock, which may occur during activities, such as ploughing matches or farming competitions. 

Farm Insurance for Trailers

Any trailers that you use must be designed correctly for passenger carrying. Ultimately, this means it must have fixed seating in some capacity, a safety barrier and steps. The trailer should also be in good working condition and well-maintained for health and safety as well as for farming insurance purposes.

Ensuring Driver Competency and Passenger Safety

Having an experienced and highly skilled driver is paramount when transporting passengers. To try to ensure the safety of everyone riding in a farm vehicle, specific skills are essential. Multiple safety protocols must be followed, including:

  • Ensuring sufficient supervisors and farm staff on board the vehicle.
  • Observing and adhering to strict passenger numbers.
  • Clear communication.
  • All passengers should remain seated.
  • Safe boarding and offloading away from traffic.
  • Driving at safe speeds.
  • Age limitations.
  • Ensuring that firearms are unloaded and secured.
  • Making sure that dogs are properly confined. 

These safety measures make the event safer and more pleasurable all around. 

Compliance with Legislation and Guidelines  

It is not voluntary but rather required to comply with all applicable laws and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations. Failure to follow these rules may result in liability and complex legal issues. Make sure that your business practices comply with any laws and safety regulations, which might differ by location.

Complete Risk Assessments

A proactive step that might assist in detecting possible dangers and reducing them is carrying out detailed risk assessments. Making educated choices regarding safety precautions will be made easier with the help of a risk assessment of tractor and trailer rides in relation to your farm vehicle insurance coverage.

Farm Insurance Considerations

Understanding the insurance implications is critical. Insurers need to be informed about the use of the vehicle for passenger transport, and they may wish to extend coverage to include potential damage to the trailer. However, not all insurance policies automatically cover such activities, so it's essential to review your policy carefully.

Ploughing Match Insurance

Farming events are a great way to interact with the local community, promote agriculture, and contribute to charitable organisations. It is important not to undervalue the obligations that come with providing tractor and trailer rides. You can make sure that these activities contribute positively to your farming event while keeping everyone safe and protected by considering vehicle design, driver competency, passenger safety, legal compliance, risk assessments, and insurance concerns. Your ploughing matches and other farming events may be successful and give you peace of mind if you work with professionals like Farm and General to provide customised insurance solutions.

Farm & General can uniquely offer specially designed insurance plans that completely cover ploughing matches. Get in touch to see how we can tailor a policy to suit your specific requirements.