Why Tractor Dashcams Are Essential

For those not in the farming community, driving behind a tractor can become infuriating, particularly on single lane roads. However, motorists taking treacherous risks in these scenarios is becoming all too common. As such, the need for agricultural vehicle dashcams is on the rise.

Farmers can be unfairly blamed or forced to take 50/50 settlement regardless of fault. This can of course be costly to businesses, especially as roads continue to become busier. Your agricultural vehicle insurance claim can be dealt with effectively and efficiently with the installation of a dashcam to help prove liability. This investment could easily pay for itself in proving the misconduct of another motorist.

Benefits of a Tractor Dashcam 

One of the key benefits of having a dashcam installed on your tractor or agricultural vehicle is that it can provide concrete evidence, should you need to claim on your insurance following an accident. At the same time, farmers employing full-time or contracted staff can have an additional level of protection, should an employee behave inappropriately.

Areas with narrow country lanes, blind bends, or roads without distinct markings, unsurprisingly, tend to see higher numbers of incidents. Insurance claims of this variety are tricky to handle as they are usually remote and without witnesses, however, as dashcams are growing in popularity, these can help change the game and be a pivotal asset to your tractor insurance.

Types of Dashcam

 As you might expect, you can have both front and rear-facing dashcams, but there are also options for cabin view, which can be useful for agricultural fleet vehicles. Within most forums, front-facing dashcams are far more desirable, as rear-facing dashcams can often be obstructed by attachments. However, dual-facing cameras can essentially provide you with full CCTV coverage. Dependent on your usage, location, and vehicles, it’s important to consider all options available to you to ensure you have suitable video coverage.

What do Dashcams Capture?

Modern dashcams go beyond just recording footage, they also have the capability to record sound, time stamp footage, as well as speed stamp and list locations. Most of these features can be disabled, dependent on model and variation, however these aspects combined can provide an extra level of cover and weight to any claim. 

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