Protecting Your Agricultural Vehicles from GPS Theft

The theft of GPS equipment in combine harvesters and tractors has been a major area of concern for farmers for several years. Units such as GPS domes are highly valuable and can be quickly detached from vehicles if left on them, so they are a desirable target for thieves.

Farm and General offers advice on how to help protect your fleet against GPS theft and explains why having the right agricultural vehicle insurance is essential.

The Cost of GPS Theft

With GPS units costing anything up to £15,000 or more, it’s important that they are insured correctly, especially if you have a large number of farm vehicles.

It is rarely just one vehicle that is stolen from, sometimes the entire fleet is targeted by gangs on e-scooters. DC Chris Piggott, of the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service, commented that there has been a pattern of theft from “gangs who patiently watch farms from a distance to discover where expensive tractor GPS kit is stored” and return at night on “silent electric scooters”.

Moreover, if you fall victim to this crime, the theft of the GPS unit is just the beginning of the claim, as there can be damage to the vehicle itself and the wiring. This is where costs can escalate rapidly.

Protecting Your Equipment

Aside from having a suitable agricultural vehicle insurance policy, there are some actions that farmers can take to protect your GPS equipment from theft. When possible, Farm and General would recommend:

  • Keeping vehicles fitted with GPS stored out of sight
  • Removing GPS from vehicles when not in use and storing them in a secure location
  • Using PIN codes or other security features on GPS systems
  • Taking photographs of your equipment and recording serial numbers

Our Agricultural Vehicle Insurance

Farm and General are experienced in dealing with claims relating to GPS theft on tractors and harvesters, so we know how disruptive and costly it can be. We offer a range of agricultural and farm vehicle insurance policies to help put your mind at ease, including Modern and Vintage Tractor Insurance, which covers GPS equipment used for precision farming.

Our online process is quick and easy, so you can get instant cover for your agricultural vehicles today.