Farm Flooding Risk

From Risk to Resilience: Climate Change in the UK and Commercial Farm Insurance

Farm and General discuss the legal and financial risks to farmers whose land is affected by a flooding event.

Fireproofing Your Farm

Fireproofing Your Farm: The Importance of Professional Chimney Sweeping

Ensure that your farm, smallholding, and assets are efficiently protected from fire damage claims.

Shooting insurance UK

Navigating Shooting Season: A Comprehensive Guide to Insurance for Syndicates

As the shooting season approaches, ensure you have the appropriate insurance coverage, whether you're participating as an individual or part of a syndicate.

Farm Fire Insurance

A Blazing Barn: How Farm and General Stand Apart When It Matters Most

At Farm and General, we understand the unique farm insurance requirements of farmers and take our service a step further to help in times of need.

Ploughing Match Insurance

Insurance for Farm Vehicles at Ploughing Matches and Farming Events

Discover the top considerations when carrying people around shoots and farming events and how F&G uniquely offers ploughing match insurance.

Farm building insurance

Navigating Farm Building Insurance: Key Details to Know

A vital safety net for protecting your farm and its assets is insurance, but what do you need to be aware of to ensure comprehensive coverage?

Land Rover Farm insruance

Protect Your Land Rover

Farm and General cover the staggering rise in Land Rover thefts and highlight the need for adequate farm insurance and security measures to protect your assets.

Shoot day

Ensuring Adequate Insurance Coverage for Shoot Trailers

Farm and General discuss the growing concern of overlooking whether your farm policy covers the use of shoot trailers.

Hiring vehicles to farms

Hiring Vehicles to Neighbouring Farms

Learn the key distinctions between contracting for agricultural work and charging someone to use your vehicle.

Farm building insurance

The Importance of Electrical Testing on Farms

Farm buildings are unlike other buildings and as such hold their own risks when it comes to electrical safety. Find out about the importance of protecting your assets against unavoidable incidents.

Farm building insurance

How to Keep Farm Building Insurance up to Date

Regularly reviewing your sums insured is imperative to ensure you’re suitably covered in the event of a claim.

Digging risk in farming

Digging Risks in Farming

Digging can pose a significant risk to farming, with the potential to damage underground utilities, equipment, and structures. Find out how to mitigate risks and safeguard your farm.

Farm Insurance

Do You Know Your Stack Limits?

Farm and General run through the correct procedures for haystacks and straw to ensure your cover doesn't fall short in the event of loss.

Farm health and safety

Top Tips for Agricultural Health & Safety

Farm and General run through what good health and safety looks like in the farming industry to help prevent any unnecessary and potentially tragic events.

Farm vehicle insurance

Get Insured in Under 5 Minutes

Dedicated to making insurance simple, easy, and accessible - receive instant agricultural vehicle insurance online today.

Drones in farming

Flying into The Future of Farming

Herding sheep, spraying fields, and surveying your crop are just a few incredible uses of drones within farming. Find out more about the future of agriculture.

Agricultural vehicle insurance

Why Tractor Dashcams Are Essential

Farmers spend significant time on the road. Protecting farming vehicles just got easier with the help of a dashcam. Here's why you should consider installing one.

Horticultural and glass house insurance

Plant the Seed for Financial Stability with Horticultural Insurance

Farm & General provide tailored insurance for your commercial glasshouse and horticultural needs.