A Blazing Barn: How Farm and General Stand Apart When It Matters Most

In the world of farm insurance, you never anticipate having to claim. Farm insurance policies are tailored and purchased based on having a security blanket should the worst happen but when the worst does happen, these are the moments that truly define the worth of an insurer. Livelihoods can hang in the balance but having a trusted partner that truly understands your assets can make a world of difference.

At Farm and General, we take great pride in being so much more than just a farm insurance company. We understand that for a farmer, their livelihood is everything. A recent case study presents a real-life account of how our staff at Farm and General went above and beyond for a distressed farmer when he was dealing with a barn fire.

Wednesday, 4:30pm The Distressing Call  

We received a call from a farmer at 4:30pm who informed us that his barn was engulfed in flames. Four fire engines were already present at the scene handling the barn fire but of course, the farmer was in distress and needed urgent help.

One of our dedicated team members, Jess, immediately sprang into action. Relying on one of our reliable claims partners, she dialled up and requested a very urgent loss adjuster. We were able to get the wheels of aid turning and were en route to assist the farmer, thanks to this prompt action.

Thursday, 7:30am: Farm and General on the Scene 

F&G staff went to the farm first thing in the morning to see how they could further help in person. Their attendance was more than simply a formality; it was a sincere attempt to help the farmer at a difficult time. They gave him comfort and faith that Farm and General would support him during this struggle by assuring him of the procedure. 

Thursday, 1:00pm: Scoping the Damage

A loss adjuster also responded quickly, showing up at the farm by lunchtime on Thursday. His knowledge and experience were invaluable in determining the extent of the damage and accelerating the claims procedure. They were a strong team, and they worked hard to make sure the farmer got the assistance he needed. 

Farm and General: Standing Apart from the Rest

In this instance, Farm and General stand out from other insurers because of the sincere concern and one-on-one attention we provided to the farmer. We provided our steadfast assistance and knowledge during a turbulent period, in addition to handling a claim and paying out money. We understood that a farmer's barn is more than simply a building—it's an integral part of their livelihood, and losing it may have far-reaching effects.

Ultimately, the farmer was able to obtain the necessary funds to reconstruct his barn. Beyond the money, though, he also had a group of committed people who were aware of the nuances of his case and put in many hours to lessen the pain of suffering a terrible loss.

Due to the nature of these instances, we know that spending countless hours on the phone or talking to an online chat can only expedite the situation and cause additional stress. That’s why our team are committed to providing a personalised service where you can reach an agent who will be on hand to assist.

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This barn fire case study is a testament to Farm and Generals commitment to the farming industry and ensuring that farmers and their unique needs are served appropriately. Farming is more than a business or livelihood; it’s a way of life. That’s why Farm and General are more than a farm insurance company – we’re a partner in protecting what matters most to our clients. We’re with you every step of the way. Get in touch with our expert and friendly team today to have a partner you can trust.