Specialist Insurance for Larger Estates

Farm and General looks after a wide range of larger farms and estates of between 500 and 10,000 acres, spread across UK. This category can be loosely described as either traditional family-owned estates or farmland and property purchased as a safe investment, with, in some cases, potential tax exemptions or benefits.

In this article, we discuss some of the key assets that are covered in rural property insurance for larger estates, as well as their unique requirements.

High Value Contents Insurance

Some estates have large, and often historic, houses that may hold collections of fine art and antiques which have remained in the family for many generations.  Although Estate and farm insurers have developed specialist combined policies that offer a wide range of cover under one policy, it is sometimes more appropriate to place these risks with a specialist high value insurer and that is where Farm and General can advise.

Motor Fleet Policies

As long as there is at least one agricultural vehicle to insure, specialist motor policies can combine agricultural, commercial and private vehicles all under the same terms; this is ideal for larger estates with a sizeable fleet. Comprehensive cover, including use by any driver, is also available and there is usually automatic cover for towed trailers up to £100,000.

Liaising with Larger Estates

As farm insurance providers working with extensive estates we are accustomed to liaising with a wide range of involved parties. These may include the estate owner, a managing land agent or, for the largest estates, a resident agent.

In addition, many estates are owned by a family trust and in these cases Farm and General may be instructed by trustees or by a firm of solicitors or accountants. Trustees will often require a specialist trustee indemnity insurance policy to defend them from prosecution for alleged negligence, disqualification or an investigation, from HMRC for example.

Managing insurance for modern estates is a challenging and stimulating area of this industry. We are very conscious of the ever-changing needs such properties have and always like to keep up to date regarding the activities on the estate and with legislative changes to ensure that landowners are at all times aware of and insured against any potential risks.

Looking to Insure a Large Estate?

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