Are Your Farm Assets Properly Protected?

Keep your farm, smallholding, and assets protected with the appropriate safety precautions and comprehensive insurance that covers you for fire, theft, storm damage and floods.

A recent incident occurred where incorrectly stacked hay bales caused fermentation-induced spontaneous combustion, burning down 100 tonnes of square bales of hay, an entire barn, and badly damaging another.

This resulted in major losses, including the destruction of a considerable amount of cattle feed, which will require replenishing.

All farms are at risk of fire – each year there are over one thousand fires in agricultural buildings, many of which house livestock. Most fires on farms can be prevented, providing farmers and stock persons are sufficiently aware of potential hazards.

However, if for any reason a farm fire does occur, it is essential that you have the appropriate insurance to protect your property and financial assets from major losses that may be catastrophic to your livelihood.

Why is Specialist Farm Insurance Essential?

Without the right insurance, your farm or smallholding could be left liable for tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damages, as well as any replacement to your property and the surrounding environment.

At Farm and General, we offer fully comprehensive farm insurance for enterprises of any size.

This specialist insurance protects the lifestyle and activities that farms undertake, including farm buildings, produce, deadstock, livestock, machinery and riding tack, on top of employers’, public, product, and environmental liabilities.

Discover what our specialist farm insurance policy includes and ensure that your business and assets are protected.

Let’s Protect Your Farm or Smallholding

Contact Farm and General to keep your assets safe from potential accidents or unavoidable catastrophes.

Our team of farm insurance specialists will ensure that you have the best policy based on your needs. Receive instant online cover or call us on 01590 624399 to discuss any additional details.