Plant the Seed for Financial Stability with Horticultural Insurance

Commercial glasshouses and horticultural centres can face numerous hazards across all operations, both on, and off-site, to employees and consumers alike. Determining which insurance is appropriate relies on multiple factors, such as the size and type of building or enclosure, associated crops or plants, vehicle fleets, and external weather factors. Most specialist glasshouses and horticultural centres will have significant investment in the structures themselves, plants, vehicles and even generators or irrigation systems. As such, a suitable cover is required to protect your business should the worst happen. Some incidents can be more severe than others but putting protection in place to shield against financial losses is imperative. 

What Type of Horticultural Cover is Required?

Employers and Public Liability Insurance

If someone were to slip on wet leaves in a glasshouses and horticultural centre, for instance, any physical damage can be covered. These claims can often become quite costly and lengthy, so the correct insurance can help cover legal fees and more.

Business Interruption

Should you be unable to carry out business as usual for instances such as severe weather preventing business operations, the appropriate horticultural insurance aims to put your business back in the place it would have been should the event not have occurred.  

Goods in Transit

For commercial glasshouses and horticultural centres, transport of produce is often essential. Goods in transit cover ensure that if any items are lost, damaged or stolen while en-route, your business is protected.

Horticulture and Hired in Plant

Covering plants or equipment that have been leased or hired for business operations is essential. Normal circumstances would determine that you are liable for losses or accidental damage to any such equipment or plants, so protecting against this leaves you with peace of mind.

Overnight Theft of Money from a Safe  

This speaks for itself. Should money be stolen in or outside of a safe overnight, Farm and General can help cover any losses.

Property Insurance

Extreme weather, fire, theft, and seasonal damage can all be costly and interrupt business operations. The correct insurance can help you recoup losses of stock, equipment, or commercial and business property.

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