Prepare your Farm for LOLER and PER Inspection

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) and Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER) refer to the legislation in place for statutory inspections conducted throughout the farming industry.  

Engineering inspections are essential for health and safety purposes. The law states that items falling into the LOLER and PER categories must undergo periodic statutory safety inspections. These laws are in place to assign responsibility to people and companies who own, operate or have control over work machinery or equipment to ensure they are safe and suitable for use.  

How Do LOLER and PER Regulations Impact Agricultural Machinery?

While there is debate over the application of inspection legislation in the farming industry, the following equipment falls under the category for inspection, either on an annual or bi-annual basis:


  • Fork-lift trucks, front end loaders and attachments 
  • Air compressors over a certain size
  • Trolley jacks, stands & winches 


  • Harnesses used up trees or on grain silos by workers 
  • Man cages for tractors on front end loaders (including the vehicle to which they attach)
  • Scissor lifts 

Why Are Insurance Companies Involved in LOLER and PER Inspections?

An organisation that has been approved by the HSE can undertake the statutory inspection of equipment, however, this cannot be the owner or the supplier of the equipment. Farm & General can arrange these inspections for you and cover the cost of them with our inspection insurance.

Protect Your Assets with Farm & General

Contact our team of farm insurance specialists for more information on the impacts of LOLER and PER regulations on your agricultural machinery. We will endeavour to find the best insurance cover to suit your needs, by understanding the risks involved in your practise.