Commercial Farm Insurance

By working closely with our panel of farm insurance specialists we provide cover tailored to your needs. This includes arable, livestock, farm contracting, horticulture, and farm diversification insurance policies.

Agricultural Vehicle Insurance *

A quick and hassle-free way to receive an instant quote for your agricultural vehicle insurance. Purchase immediate cover for your farm vehicles online with Farm & General.

* does not extend to Northern Ireland

Environmental Policies

Cover for up to £2,000,000 for loss resulting from any pollution in, on, at, under or migrating from the covered location or during transportation, with our environmental liability policy.

Farm and General, Farm Insurance Specialists

At Farm and General Insurance, we know how important it is to have peace of mind when it comes to insuring your personal and business property. That's why we are proud to make it our business to know and fully understand your needs. 

Whether you run a farming business, garden centre, nursery or dealership, you can be sure your insurance policy will be designed around you, for you. 

With access to a wide range of farm insurance specialists within the UK, including our own bespoke farm insurance policies, we provide independent insurance advice with competitive premiums and a prompt and efficient claims service.         

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Commercial Farm Insurance

Farm & General are agricultural insurance specialists and expert farming insurance brokers, offering insurance solutions for traditional and modern farms and growers.

Environmental Liability Insurance

We've teamed up with a major global insurer, to bring you a comprehensive Environmental Liability policy, available for farmers, growers and small to medium sized enterprises.

Agricultural Vehicle Insurance

Receive an instant quote for agricultural vehicle insurance with Farm & General. Our farm insurance specialists provide comprehensive cover for a variety of agricultural machinery.

Smallholding & Small Farm Insurance

Our exclusive Smallholder and Small Farms policy goes beyond conventional and is underwritten by two award-winning global insurers. Get instant online cover from Farm and General.

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Ensuring the safety of your farm involves more than just daily operations; it requires vigilance in mapping and communicating the locations of underground and overhead power lines.

Combatting Farm Equipment and Machinery Theft: Protect your livelihood with Agricultural Vehicle Insurance

With Farm and General, taking the first step towards securing your farm equipment is simple. Our friendly team is here to help you.

Understanding and Mitigating Livestock Losses: A Guide for Farmers

Livestock insurance is a key product for private farm owners and commercial livestock operators, Farm and General provides tailored insurance cover to protect assets from risk.

Safeguarding Your Farm in Spring: Understanding Public Liability Insurance

Secure your farm during lambing season with our comprehensive public liability insurance. Prioritise your smallholding insurance for a successful spring ahead!

Commercial Glasshouse Insurance

At Farm and General, we understand that managing your business costs is essential, but it's also crucial to ensure that you have to correct insurance in place should you need it. Commercial glasshouses can face numerous hazards so contact us today for bespoke cover. 

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